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Mastercard Business

This non-contact embossed payment card is valid worldwide

  • can be used for cash withdrawals from ATMs
  • to pay for goods and services at all retailers who display the Mastercard logo
  • to pay for goods and services online

Benefits of Mastercard Business

Mastercard Business

  • The card is free
  • Card is free for account owner and one other person (total 2 cards free)
  • This card also features the non-contact payment card technology Contactless
  • A Mastercard Business card is an embossed card
  • Unlimited withdrawals from Fio banka ATMs - free
  • Electronic changes to payment card limits - free
  • CashBack service - free
  • Payment card PIN codes can be changed using Internet banking
  • You can add travel insurance and card fraud protection
  • You can order it online in your Internetbanking

Up to 5 withdrawals per month free from others ATMs! How does it work?

Every newly issued payment card receives an automatic bonus of 2 free withdrawals from non-network ATMs in the Czech Republic. You will also receive one additional free withdrawal from a non-network ATM in the next month for every CZK 4,000 (€160) of transactions made using your card in stores or online for goods or services. Free withdrawals that are not used are carried forward to the next month but are limited to 5 free withdrawals a month. In total you can enjoy up to 5 free withdrawals a month from non-network ATMs.

If you do not have a withdrawal from a foreign ATM at the beginning of the month, we will give you two free of charge. If you have one at the beginning of the month, we will also credit you with one more.

In January your total card transactions were CZK 17.000, giving you 4 free non-network ATM withdrawals in the month of February. If you still have 2 free withdrawals from a new card that you haven't used, in February you now have up to a maximum of 5 free non-network ATM withdrawals.

Conditions and procedure to receive a payment card

A card can be connected to your business account or Fio konto savings account in CZK a EUR. You can have multiple payment cards for multiple cardholders who do not need their own Fio banka accounts. The account connected to an issued card cannot be cancelled for the validity of the payment card.

Do you want a Mastercard Business payment card?

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