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Payment Cards

Payment cards provide a comfortable and secure method for playing for goods and services without the need to constantly carry cash. They offer a great range of payment options as payment cards are now accepted by a majority of hotels, restaurants, transportation companies, travel agencies, healthcare facilities, online shops and other retailers. Payment cards can also be used for withdrawing cash from ATMs and from supermarket checkouts (CashBack).

Fio banka issued payment cards for accounts in CZK and EUR.

Cash withdrawals

You can also use your payment card for cash withdrawal from ATM or at cash desk in chosen supermarkets thanks to Cashback service.

  • 10 withdrawals each month from Fio banka ATMs - free. Find your nearest here.
  • 2 free withdrawals from other ATMs in the Czech republic to every newly issued payment card.
  • You can get up to 5 free withdrawals from other ATMs thanks to card payments. Find out how.
  • If you do not have any free withdrawal from non-network ATMs at the beginning of the month, we will give you one for free.
  • Withdraw cash in supermarket - Cashback service allows you to ask for cash when paying in store above CZK 300 at the same cash desk. Maximal amount is CZK 1500, minimum is not set, but amount should be in whole hundreds.

Fio banka offers up to 10 monthly withdrawals from its ATM network absolutely free of charge.

Card blocation

Number for announcing the loss or theft of a card: +420 224 346 777

You can also block your card in Internetbanking ( Payment cards - in the Card detail). In Smartbanking application you block your card temporarily.

Please note: If you plan to travel abroad, where you will use your payment card, please inform us via Fio service or at any of our branches about the date of travel and the destination in which you will be located, in order to avoid any possible blocking of the payment card.


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