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Master Account

Tired of losing investment income to pay fees for recording securities in the Central Securities Repository? Can't be bothered with dividend payments? Use Master Account.¨

Fio banka offers its clients securities storage in Fio banka's own records on the Master Account. The securities are not recorded on the client's own individual asset account at CDCP, a.s., rather they are kept on the collection account maintained by the depository for Fio banka, a.s.

Publicly-tradable and privately placed securities can be entered into the master account. Both new and existing clients are free to use Master Account.

Keeping your securities in a Master Account offers an array of benefits:

  • No maintenance fees

There are no fees for maintaining securities in a Fio banka Master Account. Annual savings for maintaining such securities in a collection account as opposed to an individual account may reach up to a few thousand Koruna a year depending on market value.

Comparison of annual fees for various portfolio sizes
Portfolio value (in CZK)100.000250.000500.000 
Securities maintenance fees (p.a.)50 CZK125 CZK250 CZK 
Portfolio value (in CZK)1 mil.3 mil.5 mil.10 mil.
Maintenance fees (p.a.)500 CZK1 500 CZK2 500 CZK5 000 CZK
  • Dividend payment

We automatically credit dividends to the trading account of clients who keep securities in a Master Account. This allows these clients to avoid the hassle of complex administrative steps needed for dividend payments.

  • Market variability for selling securities

Thanks to the existence of the Master Account, you can immediately sell securities purchased on the Prague Stock Exchange (PSE), the RM-SYSTEM, Czech Stock Exchange (RMS) exchange and vice versa, meaning securities purchased on the RMS exchange can be sold immediately on the PSE; this allows traders to take advantage of pricing differences without any additional costs for transfers between depositories.

Related information:

Securities kept in a Master Account are maintained separately from the broker's assets pursuant to the Act on Capital Market Business (Act No. 256/2004 Coll. on Capital Market Business).


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