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Investment school for all

Fio banka in cooperation with the RM-SYSTEM Stock Exchange has prepared a cycle of educational seminars dealing with the capital markets just for you. Themes are suitable for complete beginners and experienced investors. If you are looking for an alternative to term deposits and you have some knowledge of investing but are lacking experience or perhaps you already invest alone and would want to learn how to use tools for more efficient trading, feel free to choose from more advanced topics. We will teach you how to invest to the best of your investment abilities.

Seminars are held in cities across the Czech Republic during evening hours. Seminars are FREE.

Sign up by simply clicking on the name of the seminar you want to visit. If you are interested in visiting multiple seminars, you must sign up for each individually.


  • Fundamentals of investments on the capital market

    For beginners: Would you like to start to invest in stocks but you don't want to be a trial and error investor? Come to a seminar where you will get to understand the most important things that any rational investor should know. Find out what a stock is and why to invest in them, which stocks can be traded, their specifications and why there is no bad publicly traded company. In the second part we introduce you to the on-line application, e-Broker; we describe its structure and tell you where to find the information you are looking for. Part of the description is also buying and selling stocks in the U.S. online.

  • Trading on the foreign Exchanges

    For beginners: Interested in foreign stock exchanges including the USA and Germany? Come to a seminar where we'll get you up to speed on the history and current operation of foreign stock exchanges, the primary stock indexes and a brief description of what the companies traded on these indices actually do. You'll learn about how much foreign trading costs, how your potential profits may be subject to foreign exchange risk and where to look for information about publicly-traded foreign companies. A seminar also includes a practical example of online buying and selling of shares on American stock exchanges as well.

  • Effective short-term trading in practice

    For advanced traders: Have you heard about financial leverage? If not, don't worry - we will explain it to you and give you some practical examples. We will introduce you to multiplers for investment opportunities and ways to speculate on dropping prices in the Czech Republic and abroad. If you want to buy gold or oil, and hold for several years, you will be interested in alternative investment instruments.


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