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Why invest in stocks?

Investing in stocks is mainly intended of investors who are prepared to take on additional responsibility for earning returns on their funds. The investor alone decides what stocks to invest in and when to invest. We offer a complete news service and consultation with brokers in order to make the decision making process just a bit easier. Investments into stocks are always associated with the potential for higher yields and high liquidity as well as with increased levels of risk.

Fio banka is the largest on-line broker in the Czech Republic.

  • Potential for high returns.
  • High liquidity.
  • Low fees.
  • You are in control of all decisions.

Why invest in stocks with us?


Fio has been on the market since 1993 when it was established specifically for trading stocks. Its licensed brokers will provide you with complete service.


If you use the e-Broker application for trading (buying or selling), use of the application, placing orders and cancelling orders is completely free. Our strategy is to broker trades for clients with the best possible fees.


Fio banka has experienced and licensed brokers at nearly 60 branches across the Czech Republic. Most orders are placed over the internet using the e-Broker application or over the phone; in some case you may appreciate the personal attention of a broker.


The Internet allows our clients to determine the current status of their portfolio at any time and from any location, enabling them to immediately react to situations on capital markets. Fio developed the e-Broker application and it is clearly the most widely used application for stock trading in the Czech Republic. Its dominant market position is thanks to its reliability and ease of use in addition to the continuous development it has undergone in order to maintain our lead over the competition.


Fio banka refrains from investing on its own account and does not manage funds for any affiliated investment fund. If a broker sees an opportunity on the market, it is in the broker's highest interest to enable clients to take advantage of it as quickly as possible. In order to show you how Fio recommends earning a return on your investment, we have created an example portfolio valued at CZK 1 million - PortFio , where all investments are made using the same conditions afforded to clients and with the exclusive use our recommendations published in advance. At any time you can convince yourself that our recommendations will help you invest successfully.

Tips for you

  • How to become a client.
  • Fio banka recommends the investment school - a series of educational seminars for beginners and advanced investors - FREE.
  • Investments are not limited to any minimum amount. We recommend diversifying into a number of titles.
  • The term for investing is not limited but we recommend an investment horizon of at least six months on stock markets.
  • Securities in accounts of clients are legally insured against brokerage failures up to total compensation of €20,000 by the Securities Broker's Guarantee Fund.
  • Funding for client accounts are insured by law to 100,000 EUR.
  • If a Czech tax payer (physical person) sells stock for a profit after a period of at least three years, profit is not taxed.
  • Czech Koruna exchange for no cost allows for investments into foreign stocks and help avoid the consequences of a weakening currency. Currency loan.

Investor Window

Why invest in stocks? What do you need to master before you start trading on the markets? First determine what kind of investor you are and the type of investing that is best for you.

Before you start investing in stocks

What do you need in order to start investing in stocks? What do you need to gain access to stock exchanges online, over the phone or at a branch? How to get started and become an investor.

How to start investing in stocks

How to invest on stock markets? What is the best portfolio management approach? The definition of basic investment strategies starts with those with the lowest returns (and lowest risk) to those with the highest.

How to select an investment strategy

How can you avoid the common errors made by beginner investors? Bets on a single horse, jumping onto a moving train and counting on unrealistic profits are all recipes for disaster. Learn from the mistakes of others.

Avoid the common errors made by beginner investors!


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