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Our Internetbanking is equipped with multi-level protection against abuse, which meets all security standards of strong authentication. Access to the application is protected by a username and password. The operations themselves, such as password changes, money transfers, setting up standing orders, etc., are confirmed via the mobile application or a one-time code sent by SMS to a phone number chosen by the client. It is also possible to specify which operations do not need to be authorised at all.

Strong authentication

Login to Internetbanking is protected by so-called strong client authentication. In our practice, this works so that if you log in with your usual browser, nothing changes for you. However, if you log in elsewhere and we assess that this is an increased risk, we will ask you for additional verification depending on your chosen settings. However, this does not have to be a permanent burden for you either. For example, if it is your computer/browser at work, you can simply mark it as "trusted" and we will not ask you to do anything further and you will log in as before with your login name and password. We will also ask you for additional authentication when logging in anonymous browser mode.

Types of order security

It is up to you which method you choose to authorize your instructions. You can change the selected authorization method at any time.

a) PIN or biometrics (fingerprint, face detection) in the mobile application

You can authorize instructions from Internetbanking quickly and easily in your mobile app. After you enter an instruction, a "You have a transaction to authorize" notification (push notification) will appear on your phone, which will transfer the details of the payment or instruction. You double-check everything and simply click to confirm.

You can use the Smartbanking mobile app fully or only in authorisation mode. There is also a passive (preview) mode or a combination of passive and authorization mode.

How to set up authorization in the mobile app

b) SMS code

If you decide for the single-use SMS code service, select the phone number the bank will use to send the SMS authorization code.
You can also during service activation select the length of the authorization code, the number of attempts you can have to enter codes into Internetbanking and the term in which the code must be entered into the form. Other information about SMS authorization can be found in the FAQ section

Transfers without authorization of instructions

If authorizing instructions is holding you up, we have a solution for you. You can deactivate authorizations for three payment types.

1) Payments between your own accounts

For payments between your own accounts, all you have to do is select the account you want to send the payment from and then the account you want to credit it to. You fill in the amount, choose the currency of the payment and press the "Send" button to send the money. In this case, the payment is credited to the other account immediately.

2) Payments to selected accounts

Do you often send payments to the same accounts? For example, to someone in your family or to your friends? If so, create templates for these payments, authorize them for the first time and make further payments without verification.

3) Smaller payments

Are you used to paying smaller amounts with your contactless card without having to confirm them with a PIN? Set up the same authorisation method in Internet Banking. You will no longer need to authorise amounts up to CZK 700. This way you will be able to make five similar payments in a row, up to a total of CZK 2,000. For the next payment, the system will require a one-time verification for security reasons.

How to set up payments without authorization?

For payments between your own accounts and payments of smaller amounts, you can change the authorisation method in Internetbanking in the Settings section, where you will find the Security tab.

To set up payments to your selected accounts, simply use the templates. Just create a template for them, authorise it for the first time and make further payments according to this template without verification. In the Templates section, you can also set up the templates you created earlier as "signed".


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