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Stay informed about your current acount balance and have your finances under control.

The user of this service receives an SMS or email message providing information about events, transactions and movements on their account as requested in Internetbanking.

What can be sent?

  • Information about account movements - incoming/outgoing payments
  • Information about incomplete payment orders
  • Information about exceeding defined limits for the account balance
  • Information about under-drawing a defined account limit
  • Notice of an upcoming term deposit renewal

Thanks to alerts you have perfect overview of your accounts

How does it work?

Individual messages are generated and distributed automatically once the conditions entered by the user to set off an alert are met. Fio uses a specialized external company to ensure that all SMS are delivered to all client numbers on all three Czech mobile phone operators. All clients registered for this service receive an SMS in a matter of moments after its creation. Email messages are also sent immediately.

Conditions and procedure for receiving services

Email messages are free and SMS alerts cost CZK 2.40 for each SMS. SMS charges are automatically deducted from the client's account at the end of the given calendar month. No new contract has to be signed; simply set up Alerts in the Internetbanking application. Fio clients with a valid electronic account management contract are offered the Alerts service.

Service settings: the "Alerts" link is in the Settings - SMS and e-mail notification just under your name. The user selects the appropriate type of alert and enters the messaging parameters and phone number or email to receive the alert.

Important: Alerts are not send at night, from 00:00 to 08:00 A.M. Although Fio banka ascribes payments that time. All alerts are generated with actual balance in the morning.


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