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Banking Identity

Fio Banking Identity (Bank iD) allows you to handle official matters online using your Internetbanking login details. There is no need to go to branches or offices, no need to remember additional login details. You only use what you already have and know.

  • You can currently use Fio Banking Identity for the state (see below)
  • We are preparing a Fio Banking Identity for communication with companies as well

How do I apply for Fio Banking Identity?

You can request activation of your Bank iD via the Fio service, which you can find under the envelope symbol in the Internetbanking or Smartbanking application. In order for us to successfully activate your Fio Banking Identity, you need a valid document issued by a Czech state authority registered in the Population Register. Initially, only so-called electronically readable documents are registered in this register.

How to use your Banking Identity

You use the service to log in and verify your identity on portals of the state administration, regions, cities and municipalities. Simply choose to log in via Citizen Identity > Bank Identity (Bank iD), select Fio banka and enter the same details as for internet banking. You will then be verified via SMS or Smartbanking (push notification) and then redirected to the desired page. So what can you do without the stress and queues online?


 Citizen Portal



  • Apply for an extract from the insolvency register.
  • Get an extract from the Population Register.
  • Obtain an extract from the Criminal Records Bureau.
  • Set up or change a business and obtain a trade register extract.
  • Set up a limited liability company (under Go online to the office > Add a service).
  • View the real estate cadastre.
  • Set up a Data Box or simply log into it.
  • Create or sign an ePetition.



Transport portal




  • Apply for a new driving licence or its replacement.
  • View a driver's driving record (the number of penalty points) and offence details.
  • View information on vehicles owned or operated.
  • Access to Vehicle Register data, purchase and management of electronic vignettes, toll portal or taxi driver vehicle verification.
  • Process the agenda for shipping and aviation as well.


 MY taxes



  • Fill in and submit your personal income tax return, real estate tax or value added tax.
  • Check the status of your tax account.


 ePortal of the Social Insurance Institution



  • Find out when you will be entitled to a pension and how much it will be.
  • Report your income and expenses as a self-employed person.
  • Get information on pension contributions paid by self-employed workers.


 Portal of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Labour Agency



  • Apply for parental allowance, child allowance, one-off child allowance (jenda.mpsv.cz), housing allowance or solidarity allowance for households to accommodate refugees from Ukraine.
  • Apply for job placement or unemployment benefits.


 eRecept application



  • View a list of issued and unissued medicines.
  • View the detail of a specific ePrescription or eVoucher.
  • Use these services for your children as well.


 Vaccination portal



  • Download a certificate of vaccination against covid-19, past illness or test.


 City and town portals



  • Handle local fees and issues, such as those offered by the Portál Pražana (parking, municipal waste, etc.).


You can see a complete list of options HERE.

The most common questions about Fio Banking Identity are answered in our FAQ.

Is it safe?

Every login via Banking Identity requires your subsequent authorization via SMS or push notification. Since your login credentials are even more important with Banking Identity, you really need to not share them with anyone and protect them carefully. We therefore recommend you to re-remind yourself of ten safety principles. You also need to protect your mobile devices and only use apps from a verified source.

100% confidentiality

Banking Identity is used to prove identity. No data will ever be shared with a third party without your consent, i.e. the state or anyone else will not see, for example, your account balance or movements. Similarly, Fio banka does not have access to any information displayed or services you use after using your Fio Banking Identity.


Do you want to make it easy for your clients and customers to log in with their banking identity? You can use this in a variety of ways, whether you use couriers to communicate with clients, electronic signatures or have customers walk into a branch. Let us know what part of your business we could simplify with a bank identity and save you time and money.

With a banking identity, your clients and customers will be able to log in to your services easily and securely. We will verify the identity and confirm that it is indeed that client, so you don't have to verify it in person, but everything is done electronically because we have already verified it for you. This will save you and your customers time and trouble.
Whether you have a client area on your website or manage e-shops and are considering implementing Bank Identity, contact info@bankid.cz.  

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