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Fio savings account

Interest up to 4% p.a. for the entire deposit amount

Our Fio Savings Account is a special savings account for individuals with 4% interest on the entire amount deposited. It is therefore suitable for saving larger amounts in Czech crowns.

You can open it simply at any branch or online directly in Internetbanking or Smartbanking.

Free benefits

  • opening, maintenance and cancellation of a Fio savings account
  • 4% interest for unlimited deposit
  • incoming and outgoing payments
  • CZK cash withdrawal at the branch (from CZK 1,000)
  • cash deposit at the branch (in CZK - made by the account holder or an authorised person)
  • your account is always at your fingertips in Internetbanking and Smartbanking

How does a Fio savings account differ from a Fio konto or current account

  • the number of outgoing payments/withdrawals is limited to 4 per month
  • SIPO payments, standing orders or direct debits cannot be set up

Open a Fio savings account conveniently online

If you want to save with us and you are not yet our client, you must also open a current account to open a Fio savings account. Simply open one online and then open a Fio Savings Account in Internetbanking or Smartbanking.

Or drop by any of our branches.

Fio savings account for legal entities

The Fio savings account for legal entities can be opened in person at a branch or online in Internetbanking. The interest rate is 3%, making it one of the most advantageous savings accounts of this type on the market!

The features, benefits and limitations of the Fio savings account are the same for individuals and legal entities. Therefore, it is not possible to issue a payment card and the number of monthly payments is limited.


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