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Transparent Account

A transparent account is a special type of account. Such an account is opened in order to provide detailed information about transparent account transactions to the public using the internet. Movements and the balance of funds on such accounts can easily be checked at any time.

List of transparent accounts maintained by Fio banka

For whom is this account intended?

The product is intended to support non-profits and civic associations, foundations, funds, political parties, etc., to help strengthen the trustworthiness of their handling of funds and to allow anyone to review a history of financial transactions anywhere.

A transparent account from Fio banka is used by non-profits as well as physical persons and other companies including groups of flat owners, associations, company organizers and services providers with participation or registration fees.

What are the benefits offered to non-profit organizations?

  • Account opening, management, cancelling - free.
  • Internetbanking and Smartbanking for iOS, Android - free.
  • Czech credits and debits - free.
  • Czech-Slovak credits and debits - free.
  • Standard Euro payments - free.
  • Contactless payment card Mastercard or Visa - free.
  • Payment card for other person - free.
  • Unlimited free withdrawals from any ATM worldwide with a Visa card - free.
  • Unlimited Fio banka ATM withdrawals monthly - free.
  • Standing orders, SIPO and Direct debit - free.
  • Cash deposits and withdrawals at branches (more than CZK 1000) - free.

Would you like to open Fio Transparent account?

Visit any branch of Fio banka. What do you need to open such an account? Find out here .

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