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Disclaimer on the presentation of investment recommendations

Any information shown in these websties is provided by Fio banka, a.s. (hereinafter only "Fio"). Fio is a member of Burza cenných papírů Praha a. s. and a market maker for 13 issues classified in the SPAD segment. Fio is not a market maker for the Kit Digital, Inc. stock issue.

All published information should be used for informational purposes only and any statements that could be construed as a recommendation are non-binding and simply reflect Fio's opinion. It is impossible to exclude that the published information and investment recommendations will prove to be incorrect or inaccurate in the future due to changes in the facts forming the basis of this published information and investment recommendations thereby created or due to other facts and market developments. Fio recommends that those people considering an investment decision consult an experienced broker regarding such information before completing such an investment decision. Fio has no liability for the unauthorized or copied dissemination or publication of these websites including any information and recommendations published on these sites.

Fio affirms that it has no direct or indirect stake exceeding 5% of the share capital of any issuer of any investment instrument that is traded on regulated markets. No investment instrument issuer that trades on regulated markets has a direct or indirect stake exceeding 5% in the share capital of Fio. Fio has not concluded any agreements with any investment instrument issuers to create and distribute investment recommendations or any other agreement to provide investment services. The issuers of investment instruments are not notified of any of the investment recommendations before publication. Fio has not been in the last 12 months the lead manager or co-lead manager for any initial public offer of investment instruments issued by any issuer. The remuneration for those who participate in the creation of investment recommendations is not in any way connected to Fio trades or the trades of any related entity. These persons are not in any manner motivated to publish investment recommendations of any specific level or direction. Fio avoids a conflict of interests during the creation of investment recommendations by creating internal barriers including informational barriers between individual sections and regular internal audits. The Czech National Bank supervises Fio's activities.

More information on Fio banka can be found at www.fio.cz


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