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Other RM-S orders

Other orders can also be entered into the order form.

The validity of the standard order on the RM-SYSTEM stock exchange is up to 90 days!

All or nothing (AoN)

The volume AoN order is used if an investor wants to buy or sell a requested number of shares and wants to prevent multiple trades, which all do not have to have the same conditions.

As a rule an AoN order is used in combination with an EasyClick order, which is used to trade in standardized lots. If an investor does not buy an entire EC lot (for example 50 shares of ČEZ) and only a portion of that title is available, the EasyClick order would not allow a sale. The sale occurs following a standard order but with a slightly higher fee.

  • AoN orders behave as "satisfy or cancel". If an insufficient bid or offer is found at the entered price, the order is immediately cancelled.
  • The order can only have validity for a single day.

Order validity

  • Validity of a standard order on the RM-SYSTEM exchange is limited to 90 calendar days.
  • Order validity for EasyClick can be set to a maximum of 15 calendar days.


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