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Why invest in stocks? What do you need to master before you start trading on the markets? First determine what kind of investor you are and the type of investing that is best for you.

Before you start investing in stocks

Investment advice can help you navigate the world of investing...

What do you need in order to start investing in stocks? What do you need to gain access to stock exchanges online, over the phone or at a branch? How to get started and become an investor.

How to start investing in stocks

How to invest on stock markets? What is the best portfolio management approach? The definition of basic investment strategies starts with those with the lowest returns (and lowest risk) to those with the highest.

How to select an investment strategy

How can you avoid the common errors made by beginner investors? Bets on a single horse, jumping onto a moving train and counting on unrealistic profits are all recipes for disaster. Learn from the mistakes of others.

Avoid the common errors made by beginner investors!


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