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Bonus program Priceless Specials

Get money back for your payment card transactions at chosen stores. With Priceless Specials program, you will get back up to 15 % from money spent and you can receive other extras.

Get up to 2 000 CZK each month for your payment card transactions

What is Priceless Specials?

  • Bonus program, which every Fio bank client, who have payment cards MasterCard or Maestro, is part of.
  • You can get money back for your payment card transactions from chosen partners.
  • From every purchase you get 1 - 15 % from transaction amount according to merchant rules - you can get back up to 2 000 CZK each month
  • After reaching saved amount of 100 CZK, next month you will get this amount to you account; minimum limit of the reward can be changed
  • Participating in program is free, just as payment card MasterCard Debit Contactless
  • Also you can save up with MasterCard Gold, MasterCard BusinessMasterCard Standard a Maestro
  • Program involves over 20 partners with more than 600 stores all over CZ


Get something special!

Register and explore further options of Priceless Specials:

  • Observing payments done and rewards receivedSledování provedených plateb a získaných odměn
  • Extra discount vouchers and time limited offers send to your profile
  • Opportunity to let your dream come true

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