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The TradeFio model portfolio is a real portfolio managed by Fio banka's brokers.

  • Starting capital: CZK 1,000,000
  • Date launched: 20.10.2011

The goal of TradeFio is to show the ways to actively manage funds on the capital markets. The TradeFio portfolio mainly trades on stocks markets in the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and the USA.

All TradeFio trades are subject to the same fees as other clients including any fees for margin trading and currency loans.

The following types of loans are used when managing TradeFio:

  • Margin trading for securities
  • Currency loans using various currencies

Margin trading for securities allows leverage to be used to speculate on price drops (short sales). Currency loans using various currencies are used to protect against foreign exchange risks. Currency loans are available for all types of clients and can be easily obtained in the e-Broker trading application.
Every completed trade is provided with a separate report you can find in the news section or directly in the text below. Detailed information on the structure of the portfolio and the development of currently open positions or previously closed positions are available to Fio banka clients in the e-Broker online trading application.

Table of stocks added to the portfolio

Company name Rate Securities (number) Ownership
INTEL CORP 32,08 100 79 784
ISHARES SILVER TRUST 15,06 550 206 002
MICHAEL KORS HOLDING 63,48 60 94 727
PANDORA A/S 26,43 100 65 733
PLG 179,00 310 55 490
TAKE-TWO INTERACTIVE 25,08 230 143 463
UNIPETROL 147,80 500 73 900
total 719 098


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